Specifications - 12.5" Hyperion


Aperture12.5" (320mm)
Focal Ratiof/8
Focal Length2540mm
Optimized Field70mm (1.9°)
Primary Mirror12.5" (320mm) f/4 paraboloid
Secondary Mirror5.5" (140mm) convex spherical
Lens Group4.0" (102mm) clear aperture (2 elements)
Mirror CoatingsBroadband enhanced aluminum - 97%
Lens CoatingsBroadband anti-reflection coatings (less than 0.5% reflectivity over 400-700nm range)
OTA Length34.2" (869mm)
Overall Length with Focuser44.33" (1126mm)
Maximum Width15.68" (398mm)
Height Between Top and Bottom Dovetails16.4" (417mm)
DovetailsLosmandy-style, 4" wide top and bottom, 16" long each
Weight70 lbs (31.8kg)
Useable Backfocus6.51" (165mm) from racked-in focuser with AP-style end cap (see PDF below)
Shipping Weight145 lbs (66 kg)
Shipping Dimensions47 x 22 x 24 inches (119 x 56 x 61 cm)
Included Accessories2" focuser end cap, 15-volt 4-amp AC power supply, wireless communications box, USB 2.0 cable, software and instruction CD, hex-head wrench set


PDF drawing of telescope dimensions

Image train diagram showing typical backfocus setup

Instruction Manual (PDF)

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