Features - 12.5" Hyperion

The Hyperion comes standard with features that are optional or unavailable with competing telescopes.

Feathertouch Focuser

Feathertouch 3.5" focuser with MicroTouch temperature-compensating autofocuser. This focuser can lift heavy payloads and focus with amazing precision. The MicroTouch autofocuser uses Starizona's proven autofocus technology to quickly and accurately focus the CCD camera. The heavy-duty MicroTouch Direct Drive focus motor drives the focuser directly to eliminate slipping with heavy payloads. The gear reduction gives a 50:1 drive ratio with a resolution of 1.425 micron (0.000056") per step. The motor has a payload capacity in excess of 70 pounds!

Instrument Rotator

A high-precision instrument rotator allows positioning of the camera for framing targets and finding guidestars. The rotator uses a custom 6" diameter brass worm gear and unique stainless steel bearing system for smooth motion and rigidity. A heavy-duty, high-torque motor runs the worm and can carry heavy payloads with no problem.

Dew Heaters

The Hyperion features dew heaters on both the secondary and primary mirrors, to prevent moisture from forming on the optical surfaces. Intensity of the heaters are individually controllable by the user. Temperature readout is provided from each mirror as well as for ambient temperature.

Cooling Fans

Dual fans move filtered ambient air through the optical system, bringing the optics to a stable temperature quickly. Fan speed is user controllable.

LCD Control Panel

All electronic features are controllable through an integrated control panel built into the back plate of the telescope. An LCD display gives information about the system, and push buttons and a dial controller allow settings to be easily adjusted. Power for the telescope electronics is provided to the control panel with an included power supply. The power cable can be locked down with a thumbscrew clamp to prevent the possibility of power loss while slewing the telescope.

Wireless Control

All electronic features of the Hyperion are controllable from a PC using the included wireless control box. This tiny box uses a single USB 2.0 cable to control all features of the telescope, eliminating the tangle of cables normally associated with multiple devices. Wireless range is up to 300 feet.

Software Control

Included software can be used to run all the Hyperion's electronic features. The telescope electronics are also ASCOM compliant, allowing automated control of the focuser and rotator using popular third-party software such as MaxIm DL, FocusMax, CCDAutoPilot, ACP, and more.

Carbon Fiber Truss Poles

The 12.5" Hyperion uses eight truss poles made from carbon fiber, valued for its low-thermal-expansion properties and light weight.

Made in USA

From optics to machined parts and electronics, the Hyperion is made in the USA. Each telescope is assembled in Tucson, AZ, and star-tested before shipping.

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