Comparison - 12.5" Hyperion


The spot diagrams below demonstrate the superior optical performance of the Hyperion 12.5 telescope compared to other instruments in its class, including the more expensive Ritchey-Chr├ętien (RC) design.

The spot sizes shown here are for a flat field, since a CCD is only capable of utilizing a flat field. The curved field that many manufacturers show only demonstrates the theoretical, and in practice un-achievable, performance of those systems. Spots are shown for off-axis distances over a 52mm image circle, the diagonal size of the popular large-format KAF-16803 CCD. The Hyperion remains diffraction-limited not just over this area, but out to 35mm off-axis, covering a huge 70mm image circle. The spots sizes over a 70mm image circle with the Hyperion are equivalent to the spot sizes of an RC over just a 15mm image circle!

The diagram below shows the diffraction point-spread functions 26mm off-axis (52mm image circle) for both a 12.5" Ritchey-Chr├ętien and the Hyperion 12.5.

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