Hyperion Focal Reducer

Available now. Get a wider field and faster exposures with your Hyperion. This focal reducer has been custom-designed to match the excellent optical performance of the Hyperion astrograph. It retains a large, flat field, free from aberrations. In fact, performance is diffraction-limited over the full 52mm field of view.

With 4 inches of backfocus, the Hyperion focal reducer works with a variety of camera setups, including:

* Including deep-cooling models

The focal reducer converts the 12.5" f/8 Hyperion to an f/5.7 system, and the 16" f/7.3 Hyperion to an f/5.25 system, making each telescope nearly twice as fast. The reducer is designed to cover a 52mm image circle, corresponding to the diagonal size of the popular KAF-16803 large-format CCD sensor. Large (76mm) lens elements keep the vignetting to less than 15% over the 52mm field.

The Hyperion focal reducer threads onto the end of the telescope's 3.5" Feathertouch focuser, in place of the normal end cap. A variety of camera attachments are available. The Apogee Alta series with FW50 and MonsterMOAG bolts directly to a 3" flange (shown in the image above). Each camera requires a specific spacer to keep the backfocus correct and keep the performance nominal.

Telescope side of focal reducer showing large-aperture lens elements

Hyperion 12.5" Specifications with Focal Reducer

Hyperion 16" Specifications with Focal Reducer

General Focal Reducer Specifications

Image taken with 12.5" Hyperion and focal reducer showing the 69' x 69' field produced with a 52mm CCD sensor

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Telescope Tools

Glatter Green Laser Collimator with Concentric Ring Pattern - The perfect collimator for the Hyperion telescope. This is the tool we use to align the telescope's mirrors before final star testing.

Rear Cell Lifting Tool - If you need to remove the back plate of the telescope to clean the primary mirror, this handle threads in place of the focuser to allow easy lifting of the back plate and mirror assembly. Special order, please call.

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